The term “softscape” refers to all the growing and changing elements of your garden. It is our belief that while this portion of the landscape includes features that are commonly referred to as “garden”, i.e., plants, groundcovers, etc., softscaping is really the icing on the landscape cake.

That’s not to say that it is unimportant. In fact, most of the work in a landscape is done just to support the lush growth of lawns, planting beds, and accent trees. We give equal importance to the attention of both the hardscape and softscape features of the garden because we believe that each component provides support to the other while giving strength to their relative placements.

We employ tried and true techniques in our installations that promote healthy plant growth, sustained nutrition, and preventative measures against pests and diseases.

“This is the aim of gardening… to make us content and calm for a time… to feel an awe­struck thanks… that such happiness can exist.”

– Henry Mitchell
One Man’s Garden